Prepare Your Yard for Fall and Winter

Prepare Your Yard for Fall and Winter

Fall Yard Service, Leaf Removal, Tree Removal & Tree Installation Services in Yakima, WA

In Yakima, Richland, Pasco and the surrounding areas, maintaining your lawn year round can be challenging - especially during fall and winter. Choose Joe's Yard Service to keep your yard looking spectacular, no matter what season it is.
Joe's Yard Service offers a wide array of fall and winter yard services, including:

• Fall cleanup
This is the perfect time to clean up the yard before the temperature drops and the ground freezes.

• Leaf removal
Call us to clear leaves and other debris from your rain gutters.

• Tree pruning
Trim any dead branches and cut back overgrown trees and bushes.

• Tree trimming
We're able to trim up any large or out of place tree branches that may cause trouble during the winter. You don't want any branches breaking and falling during the snowfall to come.

• Tree removal
If there has been any decay in your trees, it can invite insects and disease, affecting nearby healthy trees and possibly your home. Call us for your tree removal.

• Sprinkler winterization
Sprinkler winterization is important because even the smallest amount of water left inside your irrigation system components can freeze, expand and crack PVC piping.

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Winter is around the corner in the Yakima area

Is your lawn prepared for the winter season? Don't compromise the health or appearance of your yard. Joe's Yard Service is here to help you make sure you've taken the right steps to maintain your lawn during the cooler months. One critical service we offer is sprinkler winterization. This service is designed to save your sprinkler lines and protect them from freezing this winter.
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